About this Wiki ♥

Well, basically this is a place where you can create your own characters based on the Twilight Saga. You can be a human, a vampire or a shape-shifter. You can be a member of the Volturi or make your own wolf pack. To create a character you will first have to put up a claim. I understand that this is difficult to understand, especially when you are new to all this stuff. So to help you out, to start go read this . Oh and another thing. Please read the Policies and the Rules before you start editing.

A message from the founder, Nicki ♥

Hey there! My name is Nicki and I'm the person responsible for this wiki. So anyways, I hope you will enjoy your stay here and be good and stuff. And one thing more: I used a lot of info from the Twilight Wiki and I would like to thank them. If you have any questions or even suggestions leave me a message here.

Nicki here ♥ -Talk to me! 12:26, November 1, 2011 (UTC)

Announcements ♥

  • This wiki is still new. If you want to help us or need help yourself leave a message here or here.
  • Because some people tend to ignore our policies we now work with a claim systtem. This is the claiming page.
  • We finally have word bubbles! To create one go read this.
  • Stay tuned with our updates here !
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