I am the Queen, and you are not worthy.
Sasha Ivanov
Vampire girl
"Queen" of Volturi
Queen of Vampires
Important Information
Gender Female
Job Volturi Force Leader
Status Changed on August 16, 1918
Eye Color Silver or Red
Skin Color Pale
Hair Color {{{hair color}}}
Age 23
Affiliation Volturi
Family Viktor Ivanov
Species Vampire
Home Volturi Force Castle

-Sasha on herself


Sasha is cold, ruthless, and power crazy. She is arrogant, stubborn, and selfish. She enjoys watching the misfortunes of others and loves watching the murdering of "puny" humans. She will do anything to achieve power. The only love she has, is for her husband Viktor.


It was that Night of July 31, 1918, When the Ivanov Family was executed by Bolshevik Soldiers led by Yakov Yurovsky, It was said that no one survived the Execution...but they were wrong. It was me. Both my father, who was the Duke, and my mother, the Grand Duchess, were both killed. When I heard about our family's execution, I ran away terrified of what might happen. I should have known that the soldiers would have found me. Little did I know that the particular solider was a vampire. I was caught red handed. Instead of killing me, he wanted me to become his queen. He made visions appear, of my family begging for mercy in hell. I caved in and... let him bite me. At first, I hated it. Sure, I was queen of all vampires at the time, but I didn't like being forced to marry a man I barly knew. He tried everything to make me happy. He killed mortals at will, captured shape-shifters and made them amuse me, sort of like a court jester. I was never happy however, I wanted my family back. Over time, he started to grow on me. He said that he actually loved me, and I started to believe him.

His name is Viktor. My king. He belonged to Volturi and longed to be leader. He fought the current leader and won. We both became power crazy; killing as many humans as we wanted, whenever we wanted. To this day, we still rule over vampires. Except we have a few new rules. You must worship me. Anyone that treats us with disrespect will be severly punished. You must do my bidding. If you refuse, you will be punished. Simple no? Since I am a Queen, I expected to be treated like a Queen. I will always be the Queen, there will be no challenging me or my husband.


My power is convincing people to see my way. When my eyes glow a bright red, I can make you see my way, or make you do what I want for about 1 hour. I can stop whenever I want. If I would like to keep it going, as soon as it wheres off, I must do it again.