Phoebe Taylor
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Member of La Push Pack
Important Information
Gender Female
Job Student
Status Single
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Fair
Hair Color {{{hair color}}}
Age 16
Affiliation La Push pack
Family George Taylor - father

Andrea Taylor - mother

Alexis Black - cousin

Species Shape-shifter
Home La Push, Washington


Phoebe is a very friendly person and has a great sense of humor. She is sometimes shy, but gets over it quickly. She loves to be with friends and she is very communicative. She is non-judgemental, although is a slight touchy when it comes to her family and friends. She's trustworthy and selfless. She is sometimes short-tempered. Most people like her, but there are few that don't. Mostly those are the vampires that live in Forks.


Phoebe Taylor (b. 21 February, 1995) is the youngest and only daughter of George and Andrea Taylor. She was born and raised in La Push, Washington. She is currently a student in Forks High in her junior year. She is a shape-shifter. She inhealed the abillity from her mother. She fased for the first time when she was 13. That was when her cousin Alexis found her and helped her out. She joined the La Push pack and is considered the "beta" of the pack.


Rain in wolf form by Brambleclaw4evr

Phoebe in her wolf form

Human form:Edit

Phoebe is tall and has a slim figure. Her hair is shoulder length and have a beautiful fair brown color. Her eyes are almond shaped and blue. Her skin has a beautiful, slightly tanned color. Most people think that she is very beautiful.

Wolf form:Edit

In her wolf form she has not so long grey fur with some lighter hairs. Her eyes stay blue. She is rather a tall wolf, one of the biggest females.

Likes, dislikes and fearsEdit


  • Ice-cream
  • Chocolate
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Brunette boys
  • Good people
  • Crazy people


  • Arrogant people
  • Selfish people
  • School
  • Stupid boys
  • Vampires


  • Spiders
  • Snakes