Juliette Gold
Important Information
Gender female
Job none
Status vampire
Eye Color crimson
Skin Color pale
Hair Color pale blonde
Age 16
Affiliation vampire
Family Rose Gold-Mother

Lee Gold-father

Species vampire
Home Forks, Washington


Juliette is a vampire. She is brave and willing to take risks. She can be fierce and has a fiery temper. She doesn't lose control easily, but once in a while she will get thirsty from being with humans. Usually she has control and drinks animal blood.


There is lots of things to tell about Juliette in her early life. She was born to two humans. She was changed into a vampire when she was 16 years old. At age 16, sometime after her birthday, she became very ill. She was sent to a doctor who said she wouldn't get better. In the middle of the night, she thought she had died. When she found out she wasn't dead, she felt thirsty for blood. She later realized she was a vampire and was horrified at what she'd become. She killed her parents and drank their blood after losing control. She tried to kill herself, but even if she tried she couldn't. Juliette had to go through all the pain, loneliness, and longing to be human again all by herself.