This Vampire is Roleplayed by SnapeFan1.

James Spears
[[File:James Andrew Spears|250px]]
A Damaged Soul
Important Information
Gender Male
Job None
Status Single, Alive
Eye Color Pale Blue (normal)


Black (Thirsty)

Skin Color Pale
Hair Color {{{hair color}}}
Age 14
Affiliation Neutral
Family Vincent Spears (Father; Deceased)

Coraline Spears (Mother; Deceased)

Species Vampire
Home England


James Andrew Spears was born to Vincent and Coraline Spears in an isolated town in England. After his fourteenth birthday, he and his parents were murdered in their own home by a pair of Nomad Vampires. James was nearly killed himself, but managed to escape and run out-he spent several days on his own, wandering the streets of England before one of the two previous Vampires tracked him down and attacked. However, seeing that he was still alive even after the first attack, the unknown Vampire instead turned James, allowing his venom to spread. The Vampire departed afterwards, leaving James to fend for himself.


James is very flamboyant and clumsy, although he can get easily annoyed with those who bother him. As long as you remain on his good side, he's easy to get along with.

Likes, Disikes, and FearsEdit


  • Human Blood
  • Sunlight
  • Cats


  • Dogs
  • Rude People
  • Shapeshifters


  • Shapeshifters


He is currently single and looking.

Crushes: x0 None.


A blue, heart-shaped locket; given to him by his mother for his fourteenth birthday before they she and his father were murdered.


James has short, blonde hair, pale skin, and light blue eyes that turn red when he's fed, and black when thirsty. He constantly wears a dark purple coat and black bowtie. Under this, he wears a white shirt and a green vest.