Jake West
Jake Litiza
Football Captain
Important Information
Gender Male
Job Student
Status Changed on March 4 2005
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Pale
Hair Color {{{hair color}}}
Age 17 (Forever)
Affiliation Self

West Family

Family WIP
Species Vampire
Home 17 Elm Street




So I was born in Scotland, my mother's native country, although that's not where I was conceived. My mother was a human, she willingly gave up her life so that I could live a happy life, my father is...well I don't know. I'll write more about my mother's story down below, but short of it is my mother was 18 and living at her home in Scotland, she was minding her own business when a man walked up to the door. He was smitten with her, and fell in love at first sight. My mother would sneak away from her home late at night to meet with him, in a little bungalow that he made. Once my mother found out she was with child, she fled camp, for fear that someone would find out and it would get back to her father.

I'm sort of pale, but not my fault. I have brown hair and brown eyes, simple character traits. My power is super speed and strength, which comes in handy with football.

So, anyway, my mother tried fending for herself for a couple of months, but that didn't work out very well.. My father couldn't help too much, he feared that if he did help my grandfather would find out that it she was pregnant with a child. So my father would sneak in while she slept, and met her there, since her parents were both asleep. At nine months pregnant she knew she had to act, there was no way she could raise me and make sure that her parents didn't find out. So she went to an orphanage and left me there at the age of 5.

A couple of years later, in the year of 2005, I was 17, I decided that it was time I moved out. I didn't have much to call my own, so I was living by myself on the street. That's when Sam, short for Samuel walked up. He said he could help, and I was a fool to listen. At first I was okay, until he bit me. He apologized for it, which I thought strange. He also had a wife, Elizabeth, human, and a daughter who was a mix of both. She is 7 now, and I think of her as a younger sister.