You decided to join Twilight Roleplay huh? Cool. But if you're new to all this you will probably going to need help. In this page I (Nicki) will try to give you a hand. If after reading this you still need help leave a message here or here.

Sign UpEdit

Signing up is the first thing you need to do once you 're here and want to contribute. It easy to sing up. There are two ways to do it.

  1. You can connect using you Facebook account. To do that you need to click the blue little box that says connect at the very top of your screen. Then you just fill the spaces with the info you want.
  2. Create an account on wikia. To do this you need to click on Sign Up at the very top of the page and fill the spaces. Easy huh?

Putting a claim upEdit

Because some people tend to ignore our policies we now work with a claim system. What you have to do is to go here and type you character's name on the blank box and click "create". What you need to write then is your species, your parents, your powers, etc. Please add more than one option to your claim. If your claim is good it gets approved. If not you will be informed about it and you can make it better.

Creating a characterEdit

After your claim was approved, you will probably want to make a character. The basic info you have to include is:

  • History
  • Personality
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Fears
  • Relationships
  • Possesions
  • Apperence
  • An infobox with a picture (use the Character Infobox template)

You can add a photo, or a drawing that you find on the net. Just please don't add photos of famous people and photos that are already in use. To add a page you click on "Add a page" and write your character's name and again click "Add a page". When you're finished editing it, click on "Publish".

{{Character Infobox
|image =
|title =
|gender =
|job =
|status =
|eye color =
|hair color =
|skin color =
|age = 
|affiliation =
|family =
|species = 
|home =

Creating a word bubbleEdit

Word bubbles is what we use to role-play. To create one you need to create a page named "Template:(Your character's name). Then you will need to add the following code to the page:

{{Word Bubble

|image = You add the name of the picture you want here with .jpg, .png, etc.
|color = The color of the upper half of your bubble
|color3 = The second color of the upper half
|color2 = The color of the bottom half
|color4 = The second color of the bottom half
|textcolor = The text color of the upper half
|textcolor2 = The text color of the bottom part
|line = The line between the two half's of the bubble
|fonttype = The font you want the text to be in
|charname = Your character's first name
|charpage = Your character's full name (use proper capitalization)
|species = Your character's species (human, vampire or shape-shifter)
|title = Leave this empty unless you know how to use it
|time = {{{1}}}
|text = {{{2}}}

When you're done it should look like this:


Alexis - Shape-shifter
-Leader of La Push pack

 – 12:48, December 1, 2011 (UTC)

"Hello there" Alexis says and smiles

To use it you time this in the comment section:

{ {Your character's name|5 ~|the text you want} }

(without the spaces)