Ever Moore
Hey, want a snow pop?
The Snow Avenger
The Ice Wolf
Important Information
Gender Female
Job Leader of Snow Tribe
Status Forever alive
Eye Color Blue-white
Skin Color Antarctica pale
Hair Color {{{hair color}}}
Age 14, immortal until finds mate
Affiliation Her tribe, no-one else
Family None besides her tribe
Species Shape-shifter
Home Forks, the Snow Tribe


Ever is smart and sneaky. She hates humans and vampires and does not have a mate. She is protective of her friends but dangerous to her enemies.


Ever is short at 14 and a werewolf. She has very pale skin that looks snow white. Her hair is long and white and she has blue-white eyes. She comes from Antartica.

Her wolf form has pure white fur and blue-white cold eyes. She is small for a wolf but can sneak around the best and is the fastest. She has blue-silver markings on her paws and can blend in the snow and ice.


Ever was born to Maka and Layla in the year 701. Yes, a long time ago right. She was born to a long line of werewolves known as the "White Ones" because they had pure white fur. This was because they lived in Antartica and were snow wolves when changed. Ever grew up shifting with talent. She was the best snow shifter of their tribe.

One day when Ever was 14, their family was killed by vampires. The vampires killed the whole tribe and only little Ever survived. She survived with the help of a American wolf from a Quilete tribe. He took her back to his tribe and helped her get over her tribes loss.

Ever didnt age because she had not imprinted. She look 14, short with white hair and pale skin. As she watched the Quilete tribe age and die with their mates she felt alone. She left America and traveled back to Antartica and stayed there......Until now.

Ever has come back ready to start her own tribe. She will let any wolf come in as long as they respect her as Alpha. She does not have a Beta yet though and neither does she have a mate....


None so far. No mate nor beta.