Evelyn Smith
Volturi coven member
Important Information
Gender Female
Status Alive (and single)
Eye Color Scarlet
Skin Color Pale
Hair Color Blonde
Age 16 forever
Affiliation Volturi Coven
Family -
Species Vampire
Home Voltera, Italy


Before becoming a vampire she was a sweet and very good girl. But things changed. When you will meet her for the first time you will think that she is calm and peaceful. But that is only a mask. What she truly is, is an arrogant, thirsty for power girl. She is mean and fierce with any one but Sasha, the leader of her coven. You may ask what made her like this. It was the one who made her a vampire.


Evelyn was born sometime in 1870 in England. She doesn't remeber anything about her human life, except that when she was 15 she met someone named Adam. He was extremely beautiful and kind. Of course the girl fell in love with him. Adam was a vampire. His first intention was to kill her, but he liked her and decided to turn her into a vampire to stay with her forever. When Evelyn woke for the first time after 3 days she quickly understood what happened. She was angry at Adam, she never wanted to be like him. And that was when she killed him. She then decided to eat. When she first bit someone and tasted human blood, she couldn't stop. At some point she met Sasha. Sasha told her that she, Evelyn, has special powers. That was when she learned that she could make people suffer with just one touch. The pain that she caused made her happy and she decided to join Sasha. She became her most favorite coven mate, at least that is what the girl thinks.

Likes, dislikes and fearsEdit


  • Blood
  • Causing pain
  • Sasha
  • Power


  • Shape-shifters
  • Werewolves
  • Stupid people
  • Animals
  • Fire


  • Death
  • Sasha