Charlie Lurkins
I love my music
Prince of Blood
Golden Boy
Important Information
Gender Male
Job Taking care of my family and my girlfriend
Status Alive (Dead)
Eye Color Burgundy or Golden Brown (It depends what he eats)
Skin Color White/Pale
Hair Color Dark Brown
Age Foreva 15
Affiliation -
Family -
Species Vampire
Home -


Charlie - Vampire
-Prince of Blood

 – 14:37, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

I'm the Prince of Blood... So?


Charles Edward Lurkins born on the 16th of October and died on the 27th of August... but lived somehow... Charlie was most people like to call him. Charlie was 16 when he was bitten by a Vampire. Charlie lived in America, but had still the English accent. He studies at Forks with another vampire Klaire Silverhart. Charlie has not met Klaire in person just saw her when she passes by him. Charlie's parents died, but not his sister. Lucinda Lurkins the little sister of Charlie had cancer in the brain. Lucinda soon died after the death of her brother. Charlie turned off his emotions so he could not feel the pain and sadness that he was going to feel when she died.


Charlie's appearance is a tall young looking boy. Charlie had dark brown hair and loved playing songs on his guitar. He loved smiling because it makes people smile. He is very handsome and kind. He is 5'11 feet tall and has this nice smiles.

Likes and DislikesEdit

Charlie loves chocolates and icecream! He loves cookies and music. He has a collection of guitars in his house in forks. He loves listening to mortal's sings since they are amazing at singing. He hates seeing people die because of other vampires. Charlie hates rapists and prats. Charlie loves Horror, Romance, Comedy movies and he loves watching football on the television.


Charlie is an intelligent teenager with a good heart. He has this passion for music. He is very funny and charming person. You can rely on him if you had something you needed, but have the guts or the money to buy or ask. Charlie is a kind kid and is handsome. He loves doing archery and be outside with his friends. He has shpe-shifter friends. You can see how good he is. Sometimes he could be mean and bad.


The Ability of Charlie is that he could infultrate and make a shield... He also can give a painful thought by showing Images, The thought of someone important dying, A painful death of the victim, The worst fears and such. He is one of the fastest vampires. Charlie's senses are very keen and he could hear anyone from a far distance. He can also read other people minds.