Cassandra Andreopoulou
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The Oracle
Volturi Coven Member
The different one
Important Information
Gender Female
Job Musician
Status Alive and single
Eye Color Honey

Black (when hungry)

Skin Color Pale
Hair Color Brown
Age 16 forever
Affiliation Herself

Evelyn Smith

Family Antonis Andreopoulos - father

Danae Andreopoulou - mother

Species Vampire
Home Voltera, Italy

Forks, Washington


Cassandra is very quite and mysterious person. Many people consider her crazy, because of her special power. She always felt like an out-cast and never had friends. She has very anger inside her but she never shows it. She is still waiting for a special someone to come and save her from reality, although she is a vampire and knows that is is hard. She never wanted to be a vampire and that's why she decided never to bite a human. She feeds on animals only but still is a member of the Volturi. She has a musical talent and always has her guitar with her. She also has a very good voice.


Cassandra was born sometime in 1870 to Antonis and Danai Andreopoulou, a wealthy Greek family. She was raised in Thessaloniki. From when she was 4 years old she got strange visions of the future that always came true. Her parents sented her to a private clinic in London because they thought she was crazy. There she met Evelyn Smith. She became very good friends with the girl, although she knew that something was diffrent with her. After a few months she fell sick. Many doctors examinded her, but none of them could tell what she had. That was when she saw a very strange vision. She saw Evelyn bitting her and then her waking up with red eyes. That happend a few wekks later. Evelyn decided to bite her because she was getting worse and worse. She didn't want to loose her and made her a vampire. When Cassie woke up she was very mad at her friend and sweared not to drink human blood. She didn't want to be a monster. She left Evelyn. She traveled around the world, mostly where she could find big forests with animals. She once met Evelyn again. The girls hugged and forgave each other. Evelyn then talked to her about the Volturi and introduced her to Sasha, the "queen" of vampires. The girl decided to join the coven, only because she was tired of being lonenly. She didn't give up her eating habbits and Sasha didn't like it, but she made it up for her with her power. She is now at Forks,m with Evelyn for a mission.


Baby--49 large

Cassandra is tall and slim. She has long and straight brown hair. Her eyes have usualy the color of honey, but few times a month they are black, when she is hungry. She has a bohemian style.

Likes, dislikes and fearsEdit


  • Wolfs (normal ones, she likes how their blood tastes)
  • Evelyn
  • Music
  • Books
  • Vampires like her
  • Seeing human in love
  • Her guitar


  • Human blood
  • Sasha
  • Fights and fighting in general
  • Wars
  • Tecno music
  • Her parents (they sent her to a clinic, DUH xD)


Cassandra doesn't have any fears but she is kinda curious about the La Push pack.