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Annabeth Green


I was born in 1900, in London, England and I became a vampire when I was 18, yes, in world war 1.. My father was a mechanic and didn't need to be in the war. It happened when I was hiding from the war, I saw my little sister crawling out of our and I ran after her. I got her but I was shot on the leg. A blonde vampire (which I didn't know that was a vampire at the time) tried to help me, tried to heal me, but I was too week because I already had the Spanish floo, so he bit me. I woke up later and my leg was fine but I was craving for blood. I smelled human blood and I didn't want it, I discovered I prefered animal to human blood. I was depressed because I had a family, a husband, whom I was newly married and died in war, a sister, that survived till 1984, when she died in an unknown disease, and my parents that were also dead in war. I lived about 20 years alone, but I found another vampire, Alisson, we soon became friends and started walking together. We changed our names, so we could tell people we were sisters and started always moving and going to schools.


Brave, kinda pissed off, loyal, proud (in the bad way), honest, kind when a person needs me to be kind and well-humoured.


All the standard Vampire abilities and Atmoskinesis: Atmoskinesis, also known as Elemental control or element manipulation, is the power to control the four elements of nature - earth, wind, water, and fire, with the mind. It is the most powerful physical supernatural ability and one of the most powerful supernatural gifts that ever existed.

7003804-closeup-portrait-of-beautiful-redhead-vampire-womanVital Statistics
Name Juliette Marie Monroe
Nickname Julie/Julia/Lettie
Status Alive
Gender Female
Date of Birth March 3rd, 1997
Title Daughter of Ariadne
Family Gustavo Monroe (Father)

Ariadne (Mother) Chloe Monroe (Step-Mother) Marylyn Monroe (Step-Sister) Matthew Monroe (Step-Brother)

Height 5'41
Affiliation Camp Half-Bloode
Weapons Celestial Bronze Sword
Species Demigod
Home Camp Half-Blood/Miramar, Florida
Quests None Yet
Eye Color Light Brown
Hair Color Blonde

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