Amanda Maplethorne
Important Information
Gender Female
Status Student
Eye Color Red
Skin Color White
Hair Color Brown
Age 14
Affiliation None
Family Creston Maplethorne-Father

Ophelia Maplethorne-Mother

Species Vampire
Home Forks


Amanda is quiet and fierce. She seems bored and uninterested in anything most of the time, and seems irritated and impatient a lot. She always considered joining the Volturi, since the other vampires provoked her a lot. She absolutely loathes werewolves, and attacks them, even when it is unnesacary. She stands after the last word in her surname, "thorne":she is indeed as prickly as a thistle.


Creston and Ophelia Maplethorne never expected to have a daughter. But they did. Amanda Maplethorne was born to a human and a vampire. Ophelia was weakened by her vampire daughter, and when Amanda was born, she died from loss of blood. Creston did not care much for his unmarried wife, who borne his baby without getting married, and raised Amanda. Creston was not cruel, but he was rather careless and unhelpful. Amanda admired him dearly, and did whatever he ordered. However, he was attacked by a werewolf years later and killed. Amanda despised werewolves from that point on, and swore revenge. She was brought up by a human couple and attends Forks High School.


She is mostly pale, and red eyes. She also has dark brown hair. She is often seen wearing dark or black clothes, and carrying a small umbrella if it's a sunny day. And, of course, her fangs.



  • AB Positive blood
  • Vegetarian blood (These bloods are always healthy)
  • Dark, rainy days
  • Black outfits


  • Carnivore blood (honestly, who likes stinky beef-flavored blood? Ick.)
  • Werewolves
  • People that annoy her
  • Sunny days


Oddly enough, Amanda is terrified of bodies of water.