Alexis Black
Leader of the La Push Pack
Important Information
Gender Female
Job Student
Status Alive (and single)
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Copper
Hair Color Fair brown
Age 17
Affiliation La Push Pack

Black Family

Russo Family

Family Adam Black - father

Alice Russo - mother

Phoebe Taylor - cousin

Jacob Black - uncle

Species Shape-shifter
Home La Push, Washington


Alexis is a clevver and kind young woman. She is shy sometimes, but if you get to know her you will understand that she is a very god friend and a little bit crazy. She is very protective when it comes to her family and friends. She is a non-judgemental person, but when it comes to vampires she doesn't even try to think that they can be good.


Alexis was born on 23rd April of 2009 to Adam Black and Alice Russo (and if you wondering she is Jacob Black's niece). She grew up at La Push like her father. Her mother was born in Italy and raised in New York. She met Adam, during a work trip. They fell in love, actually Adam imprinted on her. They married a few months later. Alexis first phased when she was fourteen. She joined the La Push Pack. Two years later discovered her Apla voice and became the leader of the pack. She works at her dad's cafe as the manager. She is a dancer, she has won 4 dancing competitions. She still attends the Forks High School. She plans to become a pshycologist.



Alexis in her wolf form

Human form:Edit

Alexis is tall and well built. Her skin has a beautiful copper color. Her hair is shoulder length and has a really light brown color. Her eyes are big and dark brown. In general lines she is very beautiful and attractive.

Wolf form:Edit

When in her wolf form, Alexis has long, light grey fur. She is a quite big wolf, escpecially for a female.